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Note: The software links below have been compiled as an information resource and inclusion does not indicate endorsement by e-bility. When installing any new software precautions such as running a virus checker before use, closing all other programs, and ensuring you have a recent backup of your hard drive are recommended. If you are on a networked PC you should also consult your network administrator before installing software. Unfortunately, e-bility cannot accept responsibility for any damage, disruption and/or loss to your data or computer system that might occur while using any of these programs. Requests for technical support should be directed to the software developer.

Another Lens
Displays a magnified view of the area of the mouse cursor.
Allows delivery of the APAR (Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading) from a computer using either a scan-switch (such as the Discover Switch), or conventional mouse/keyboard, or touchscreen. Also contains all the score sheets and stimulus cards.
Black Window
Enhances visibility and reduces distractibility of other programs. Fills the screen with a black background which remains underneath other programs. Mininmize or close the program to restore normal Windows appearance.
An Internet browser for users with vision impairment, which allows a simplified reading of the information available on the Web. BrailleSurf shows this information in a text form. This information can then be displayed on a braille bar, or it can be spoken out by a speech synthesiser. The text can also be presented on the screen for people with low vision, and used to provide a fast review of the accessibility level of a website for visually impaired people.
Camera mouse
Camera Mouse is a program that allows users to control the mouse pointer on a computer screen using head movement. It is designed to help people who cannot move their hands to control a mouse but who can voluntarily move their head. To use Camera Mouse you need a higher-end USB webcam and a Windows Vista or XP computer. The Camera Mouse software is free.
Caring Keys
The Caring Keys software converts the number pad into a full keyboard, similar to a cellphone design. Its purpose is to assist single handed typists.
Clip & Talk
A speech add-on utility for MS-Windows, Clip & Talk speech enables existing Windows applications, such as email readers, Web browsers, word processors, spread sheet programs ... and more. The software takes text from other Windows applications through Clipboard and produces speech. Talk and control is accessed directly from client programs using hot keys. Functions include adjustments for pitch and speech rate and a dictionary editor tool for customizing pronunciations.
An on-screen virtual keyboard designed for people unable to type using a standard computer keyboard. Requires mouse control, trackball or other pointing device. The software can send keystrokes to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window.
Clip Text
This program stores bits of text that you commonly need (such as addresses) and pastes them directly into whatever application you are using at the text cursor position. It only requires two key presses (or three key presses in the Win3.1 version) to get the program running and get the text into your document!
Docsmartz PDF Conversion Software
PDF to Word conversion and Word to PDF conversion. Free trial downloads available for evaluation.
A powerful audio desktop that provides a speech interface for Linux users with a vision impairment. By seamlessly blending all aspects of the Internet such as Web surfing and messaging, Emacspeak speech enables local and remote information via a consistent and well-integrated user interface.
eLr Enhancing Internet Access
The EIA system is a specialised Web browser, suitable for touchscreen systems, with fully integrated Web awareness, assessment and training modules. It is designed for Internet training and access for people with disabilities and other special needs.
An easy and affordable software solution enabling users to control their computer, dictate emails and letters, and have the computer read documents back.
Festival Speech Synthesis System
Festival is a general multi-lingual speech synthesis system developed at CSTR. It offers a full text to speech system with various APIs, as well an environment for development and research of speech synthesis techniques. Version 1.4.3 (January 2003) is the most recent version available free for unrestricted use.
Genie Talking Web Browser
The Genie who Reads and Speaks is a talking web browser. It will read any web page or you can highlight a chosen text and it will read it for you with the help of a little blue Genie. The software also has a small MP3 player installed and allows you to search 12 search engines as well as individual search's.
Help Read
This program uses a text-to-speech synthesizer and can read text files such as web pages, e-books, and text in the windows clipboard. It was developed by the Hawaii Education Literacy Project (HELP) and is distributed freely over the Internet. The software includes settings for pitch, volume and speed as well as single word highlighting.
A free professional grade screen magnifier and reader from Issist.
LAT Kids: LifeShare Assistive Technology Project
LAT Kids develops software and makes it available free of charge to anyone who finds it useful, including two augmentative communications products - Speak for Yourself and IAM.
Linux Accessibility
Information about Unix and Linux Shareware and Freeware, including: visual cursor enhancers, braille and sign language utilities, optical character recognition (OCR), keyboard modifications, magnification, on-screen keyboards, voice input and output applications.
Literacy Online
Mirror of Literacy Online web site. This is the full (except for external links) set of files (.htm/.js/.css/.gif/.jpg) that constitute the Literacy Online web site.
Microsoft Accessibility
Information on Microsoft's accessibility options, including downloads and tutorials.
An email program with many accessibility features.
Project: Possibility
A nonprofit, community service project committed to creating innovative open source enabling software for the people with disability, including eduational tools, word prediction, music in screen-reader friendly format and accessible currency converter.
Mouse Wrap
Free software from QD Wares that enhances the mobility of the Windows mouse pointer. When the pointer touches the edge of the screen it will instantly appear on the opposite side of the screen and has been used by people with disability who can not easily move their mouse upwards.
Read Please
A free text-to-speech reader designed to make web sites and email more accessible to those with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, by reading content aloud.
SayIT is an integrated suite of software available in four components: scanner, orator, mouse and speech synthesiser. The software is designed to assist anyone who is losing or who has lost the power of speech, as well as people with limited fine motor skills and muscle coordination in their fingers and hands.
Special needs educational IT resources including free software downlaods, tips, tutorials and equipment ideas.
Super Magnify
Magnifies portions of your screen up to 15 times. With special interpolation routine to maintain detail when magnifying.
Talking desktop
Talking and listening software that allows voice control of the computer. Features include voice email, voice browser and word processing activities using dictation.
Talking Keyboard
Free software that 'enlivens' your keyboard by telling the user what key has been pressed. Using the software controls in its main window, you can attach built-in or user-defined WAV sounds to specific keyboard events. This product will helpful as a learning resource for kids and for people with vision impairments.
Text Aloud
Converts any text into voice and even to MP3. TextAloud resides in your Windows tray, always ready to read text aloud from your e-mail, Web pages, and documents on your computer or portable MP3 player. You can listen immediately, or save it as a WAV or MP3 file that you can listen to at your convenience. TextAloud supports additional speech engines for other languages. It includes support for TXT files of unlimited size, so you can bring large e-books in as one article. It allows you to create 10 minutes of spoken audio in as little as 12 seconds. Also available, speech software options that offer personalised services, such as News Aloud, Weather Aloud, Stocks Aloud, Groups Aloud.
Text-To-Speech Software
This software reads text words to you with a choice of voices. The text words may be on the screen, in the clipboard, from a text file or other source. It also supports converting text to audio formats using MP3 or WAV. It uses 'Text to Speech' technology to synthesize natural sounding speech from ordinary text. It can also be used to create MP3 files from your email, news articles, any text you want, download to your portable MP3 player and listen to it later.
Thinking Man's Dictionary
This program is an ideal pop-up utility for when the right word is eluding you. It includes a powerful thesaurus and a dictionary which can check the spelling of individual words as well as provide you with a list of similarly spelt words. The package includes a version of the program which automatically links to the popular freeware dictionary WordWeb (see below), for looking-up definitions of words.
Type Sign Writer
Learn to speak in sign language, just type in the key you want and a picture view of that letter will be shown.
Web Ferret
WebFerret lets you search the web quickly and thoroughly by instantly submitting your search query to multiple search engines, and displaying all of the results in a single concise window. Results can be sorted by page Name, Address, Source or Abstract. You can also choose the search engines to query, the number of results to return, and you can enable features like duplicate removal or keyword suggestions, to help you find better results.
Web Talkster
This software application gives you the option of having the browser "talk" the text content of a web page, speak the clipboard content or the selected text. It "talks" all formats of web sites excep a few (about 8%) exotic programming formats and frame configurations.
Word Talk
WordTalk is a free plug-in developed for use with all versions of Microsoft Word (from Word 97 upwards), which can help people with reading difficulties use Microsoft Word more effectively. It will speak the text of the document and will highlight it as it goes. It contains a talking dictionary to help decide which word spelling is most appropriate. It sits neatly in your toolbar and is highly configurable, allowing you to adjust the highlight colours, the voice and the speed of the speech.
Word Web
A comprehensive English thesaurus and dictionary, that can be used to look up definitions of words and check spelling from within most programs.
This is a screen enlargement utility. It displays a floating window that shows an enlarged view of the area around the cursor.

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