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Note: The software links below have been compiled as an information resource and inclusion does not indicate endorsement by e-Bility. Please take care when installing any new software (such as running a virus checker before use, closing all other programs, and ensuring you have a recent backup of your hard drive). If you are on a networked PC you should also consult your network administrator before installing software. e-Bility cannot accept responsibility for any damage, disruption and/or loss to your data or computer system that might occur while using any of these programs. Requests for technical support should be directed to the software developer.

Another Lens
Displays a magnified view of the area of the mouse cursor.
Allows delivery of the APAR (Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading) from a computer using either a scan-switch (such as the Discover Switch), or conventional mouse/keyboard, or touchscreen. Also contains all the score sheets and stimulus cards.
Black Window
Enhances visibility and reduces distractibility of other programs. Fills the screen with a black background which remains underneath other programs. Mininmize or close the program to restore normal Windows appearance.
Camera mouse
Allows you to control the mouse pointer on your computer screen just by moving your head.
Clip & Talk
Speech add-on utility for MS-Windows.
An on-screen virtual keyboard.
Clip Text
Stores bits of text that you commonly need (such as addresses) and pastes them directly into whatever application you are using at the text cursor position.
A powerful audio desktop that provides a speech interface for Linux users.
eLr Enhancing Internet Access
A specialised browser, suitable for touchscreen systems, with fully integrated web awareness, assessment and training modules. It is designed for internet training and access by people with disability.
Enables users to control their computer, dictate emails and letters, and have the computer read documents back.
Festival Speech Synthesis System
A general framework for building speech synthesis systems developed at the Centre for Speech Technology Research
A free professional grade screen magnifier and reader from Issist.
LAT Kids: LifeShare Assistive Technology Project
Develops software and augmentative communications for children with disability, then make it available free of charge to anyone who finds it useful.
Microsoft Accessibility
Information on Microsoft's accessibility options, including downloads and tutorials.
Project: Possibility
A nonprofit, community service project committed to creating innovative open source software for the people with disability.
Super Magnify
Magnifies portions of your screen up to 15 times. With special interpolation routine to maintain detail when magnifying.
Talking Keyboard
Free software that 'enlivens' your keyboard by telling the user what key has been pressed.
Thinking Man's Dictionary
A pop-up utility for when the right word is eluding you.
Word Cue
Provides assistance in reading words, links and phrases on web pages. By selecting a word or phrase which is difficult to read, a range of cues are provided directly within the browser.
Word Talk
Free text to speech plugin for Microsoft Word.
Word Web
One-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows.
A screen enlargement tool that provides a floating window with an enlarged view of the area around the cursor.

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